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Hi, they have cared for me so well. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I felt very much relaxed and comfortable here. I am impressed with patient care. The service was absolutely fabulous and most professional in all ways. I really appreciate their working skills. Thank you.

Dheerja, Sohna 17.04.08

I am thankful to Dr. Somesh and Dr. Seema for making my teeth look beautiful. My face looks are changed and I look so smart with a beautiful smile. They work perfectly according to what patient requires. I am extremely satisfied with my treatment.

Deepti Batra, Gurgaon 11.08.08

I always hated my yellowish teeth due to my bad habits, got it cleaned at Dr. Grover's Dental Clinic. Dr. Suggested Whitening which is very easy for me to do & I got excellent results. My Friends now compliment for my shining teeth. Go for it friends.

Christina Edwards, Poland 19.11.08

I am very thankful to Dr. Seema Grover for correcting my crooked teeth so straight and beautiful. The clinic is very hygienic and healthy environment is always maintained. I had no problem during whole of the treatment.

Seema Yadav, Delhi 18.03.09

I am satisfied with my treatment. My artificial teeth look just like my natural teeth. Dr. Somesh Grover is just a perfectionist. When I broke my front teeth, they looked horrible. Now I don't remember anything. I reached the right place in right doctor's hands. I am very happy with my treatment. Thanks a lot.

Shreya Arora, Melbourne 25.07.09

I am very much satisfied with my treatment. The clinic is managed very well and organized. The staff is highly cooperative. I felt like at home while in clinic. My whole family is getting treatment from Dr. Grover, he is very respectful to elders and a very patient doctor.

Dr. Franandes, Sri Lanka31.12.09

Very Polite Dentist, Good experience. Very caring atmosphere & good treatment options. Will surely come again.

Mr. Jonathan John, London 18.02.10

I got my front 2 teeth damaged in an accident. Dr. Somesh Grover immediately replaced them with Dental Implants. I am extremely happy to see my teeth fixed again today. He has managed my situation so well & that it is unnoticeable to anyone.

Mr. Choi Francis, Korea, 26.05.10

I was always scared of Root Canal Treatments. But after reaching Dr. Grover's Dental Clinic, I had such a wonderful & painless experience that my fear for pain in any Dental Treatment has totally vanished. Thank you Doctor. I will recommend to all.

Mrs. Latha Subramaniam, Chennai 03.11.10

All the specialists are thoroughly Professional who keep abreast with Latest happenings in their field & give best to their patients. This is evident from my experience that I got my best cleaning of teeth, multiple root canal treatment, Gum surgery, apicoectomy & splinting of teeth under one roof. Here specialists are dental magicians.

Ms. Leena Ratnakar Nairobi 05.02.11

I got Cosmetic Braces from Dr. Seema Grover. Now I am confident to go to my job since they are almost Invisible. This is a totally painless treatment. She is highly experienced & I am highly satisfied with my treatment.

Piyali Gracias, Malaysia 29.06.11

Me & my family feel absolutely safe here in best & secured hands. My complete family trusts Dr. Grover. We really appreciate his working skills. Thank you.

Robert D'Costa, New Gurgaon 22.09.11

Its been quite some time that I've been visiting Dr. Grover Dental Clinic, it always been a good experience and I wish him good luck in future.

Dr. Sonali Gurgaon 27th Sept, 11