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Dental Jewellery

It's the sparkle in a smile!!!
It is your chance to combine between beauty and health in one harmless process.. Jewels on your teeth..
"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", goes the saying. Our contemporary beauty standards are set by TV stars or famous models. What they wear, or what they alter in their physical appearance is quickly emulated by millions of people. But Dental Jewellery goes back a long time. Scientists have found jade-edged teeth in the tombs of ancient egyptians. It is presumed that the valuable dental prostheses dating from that period were a sign of prestige and were used for cosmetic purposes rather than to improve mastication.
  As the name itself suggests, present-day Dental Jewellery has retained a solely cosmetic function and is, like tatoos, piercing, branding and cutting, just another fashion statement. These "Dazzlers", "Twinkles" and "Billy-Bobs" are manufactured from the same alloys as dental prostheses and are therefore harmless and do not cause allergic reactions in the mouth. Most frequently, they consist of an extra-thin, multi-carat gold coating, filled with special glass or precious stones, and are then glued to the tooth surface. To attach the Dazzler, the tooth surface (the dental enamel) is slightly roughened with the help of an acid. This is the same technique used for artificial fillings as well. The objective is to guarantee an optimal long-term hold. The procedure does not damage the dental enamel. Next, the Twinkles will be attached, with a special glue. Teeth Jewellery is a brilliant way to add sparkles to your smile and stand out of the crowd. Tooth Jewellery is the latest thing in Cosmetic Dentistry - and it's popular with people of all ages. Surprise your friends with a sparkling crystal glass design, or something in gold with a twinkle of ruby or diamond. These tiny little designs are great fun, and because there's no drilling involved, they won't harm your teeth. Dentists of today are finding that more and more people who consult them are no longer really patients. They are individuals who desire perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth, who may even ask for tooth jewellery. These cosmetic procedures have to be accomplished by professionals with professional products. The Dental Jewellery Skyce does not need to be pre-treated and is bonded onto the tooth in the same way as an orthodontic bracket. This ensures that the health of teeth is maintained.
Facts about Tooth Jewellery
What is a Dental Jewel?
Dental jewel is a special decoration , for example diamond or another stone , which can be attached to your teeth without consequences.
The Application Procedure
After perfect mouth hygiene , the jewel is stuck on the tooth with an adhesive substance , similar to the substance used to fix the retainer. This process does not damage the enamel or tooth material, which is a big advantage.
After the Application
You will probably need few hours to get used to the small jewel in the mouth. The doctor provides you with all instructions concerning the care of dental jewels. Most important is perfect mouth hygiene.
Is it Possible to Remove the Jewel?
The dental jewel is attached to the tooth with a substance, which does not damage the enamel, it is therefore possible to remove it or change it without consequences . To avoid problems, you should have your dental Jewellery applied and removed only by a dentist.
How to Maintain It?
It’s a Simple treatment, nothing wrong can happen after this treatment. But the opposite is true in case of insufficient oral hygiene. Every piece of Dental Jewellery creates an ideal niche for caries bacteria. No dentist, no matter how perfect, cannot prevent that if you don't brush your teeth carefully enough. Your entire "Dazzler" tooth can fall victim to caries. When you've had enough of it, you can have it removed without any problems and without leaving behind any visible marks.
At Dr. Grover’s Dental Clinic, we're committed to maintain the health of your teeth. The tooth jewellery we use and the procedures for applying it are Hi Tech, fast & world’s best Dental Jewels, so you can wear our tooth jewellery with confidence. The procedure is very simple. It will just take about 10 to 15 minutes to change your looks.Your Dashing Looks…
Endow your smile with a Jewel and enjoy being appreciated for the beauty of your Decorated Smile !!!!