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Tooth Whitening

One dazzling smile showing white teeth is enough to get all attention..
Do you want a whiter, brighter dream smile?
What a naive question would it be to ask to anyone! Everyone’s answer to this question would invariably and emphatically be a big ‘YES’. If you want The 32 teeth Whitening is what most people desire and aspire to acquire almost as a craze worldwide these days.
Causes of discolouration
1) Smoking or Tobacco Chewing. 2) Excess Tea, Coffee, Colas and Red Wine. 3) Antibiotics such as Tetracycline (Black Teeth) or chloramphenicol (Yellow Teeth) taken at a very young age. 4) Excess of Fluoride in drinking water or usage of underground water. 5) Age causes natural darkening of teeth. 6) Dental Infection, old mis-match fillings and a tooth treated for Root Canal.
Here's the solution!!!
Whitening or Bleaching of teeth is a procedure which is useful in lightening discolorations which have accumulated on the tooth surface over a period of time. This process causes the whitening of teeth with the help of a mild bleaching solution.
How is bleaching done?
Bleaching is performed by two separate methods.
1. One is the In-office bleaching and the other is a commercially available tray system. 2. With the in-office bleaching technique, a bleaching gel is applied over the teeth and a special light is used to activate the bleaching gel so as to begin the whitening process. The facility for this method is available only in the dental clinic.
  3. In tray bleaching system or home bleaching , trays are usually provided along with the commercial teeth whitening pack. These trays are designed so as to cover the tooth surface when placed in to the mouth. The bleaching gel is carried to the tooth surface with the help of these trays. The trays are usually worn for a few minutes every day for a period of 3 to 7 days. Although slower, the results achieved are usually comparable to the in-office bleaching. 4. For the maximum whitening, a combination of the two techniques is recommended.
Side effects of Bleaching
No Side effects are caused by any of the bleaching procedures. Some patients may experience discomfort or sensitivity for few days which goes away in 2-3 days after treatment is stopped. Till that time, either use desensitizing mouth washes or proactive tooth pastes. Decrease the number of hours each day or do the bleaching procedure at a gap of 2 or 3 days instead of everyday.
Post Treatment Care
Refrain yourself from the factors mentioned above leading to teeth discoloration. To maintain this whitening one is advised especially to avoid intake of foods which stain the teeth like Black tea or Coffee, Turmeric, Colas, dark chocolates, Red wine, smoking, chewing gutka etc. Proper and regular brushing is compulsory. Regular once yearly check-up and teeth cleaning should be done. Regular touch up sessions can be carried out once a year to maintain whiter teeth for a longer period.
Getting advice about tooth whitening
Your dentist can give you advice about the different bleaching methods and what will be the most effective for you. For example, the color that your teeth are now will affect how well bleaching works. You also need to consider your skin complexion so that the treatment looks as natural as possible. Home kits may not be suitable if you have damaged nerves causing discoloration. You may need stronger products that can only be used by a professional. t's important to remember that if you have tooth-colored fillings or bonding material, these won't bleach, and if you bleach your teeth, they will be a different color. In this case, veneers may work better. Note: It is further advised Not to do any experiment with your valuable teeth. They are very precious and you get them only once. For All types of Teeth Whitening there is one point destination.. i.e. Dr. Grover’s Dental Clinic, Orthodontic and Implant Centre A Fully computerized, high tech and affordable Super Specialty Dental Clinic for utmost patient care.