Our Practice

Our Practice ensures you a healthy smile due to two reasons: one is that our Specialised Dental Expertise in treating all your dental problems and your smartness in choosing us as your dental-care-partner. We are among the most reputed dental service provider in India. Our Clinic functions on the concept of providing most hygienic dental care & utmost comfort to patients. We also engage ourselves to use the products or equipments which have a higher value in the International discipline and their efficacy have been scientifically and undoubtedly proven in order to maximize our chances of success in terms of restoration longevity.
We are committed to make your dental treatment hassle free with the usage of the most modern amenities and high grade instruments in minimum appointments. We would be glad to see patients falling asleep while we are treating them, under caution & care. Moving towards service excellence through continuous improvement is our long cherished and protected value which has been consistently delivered through:
  • State-of-the-art aesthetics and treatment procedures
  • Treatment by renowned dental practitioners and university faculties
  • Implementing international standards in all treatments including the usage of latest technology
  • Excellent service facility
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Quality treatment at reasonable cost
Our Dental clinic confirms global standards in terms of:
  • Expertise (comprehensive)
  • Equipment (most advanced)
  • Materials (excellent quality and the best brands)
We strongly believe that every individual is unique and so we provide every patient a personalised attention and treatment according to his/her concerns. We bring you the best dental practices by well-trained staffs at our world class clinic which has a very high standard of sterilization to let you smile forever as an acknowledgement of our commitment and success. Our Practice inculcates dental care within your family and among your beloved ones so that we get to see you less in our clinic; though in doing so we would take immense pain for not seeing you around which means we are successful in our dental care mission to protect and prevent you from any form of dental problem. We screen all patients for mouth cancer and dental checkups. We create a very comfortable, pleasant ambience that helps you relax while you are being treated by our staffs. It has been a pleasure for us to help create happier & healthier smiles for the past 10 years. Ever since Dr. Somesh Grover set up this speciality practice in 2001, since then we have continuously kept pace with modern equipments with changing times. We have developed a state of the art facility, incorporated the latest advances in technology viz. Digital Radiography, Rotary Endodontic Instruments and Fibre Optic Equipments. We offer a wide range of services from simple restorations, child dentistry, Painless extractions, single sitting Root Canal Treatment and cosmetic procedures to Complicated Orthodontics, management of Oral cancer and Advanced Implantology. It’s important for us that we understand your needs; so that we can work together to make sure your smile always at its best. Our unique dental office that feels more like home than a dental clinic. This relaxing, soothing environment, combined with some of the most sophisticated technology in dentistry, sets a new standard of care.
Always to serve you the Best...